The Bradshaw Research Initiative for Minerals & Mining (BRIMM) is a collaboration between world-class scientists and engineers to advance cross-disciplinary research encompassing the entire life-cycle of mining, from exploration to extraction, from processing to rehabilitation. It is modelled after the highly successful MDRU and supported with a vision by a generous philanthropic gift from Dr. Peter Bradshaw, a long-time supporter of mining and minerals research at UBC.

BRIMM provides seed funding to UBC research projects that drive data integration across the traditional silos of exploration, mining and environmental impact to produce to a greater appreciation of ore diversity for processing and waste management while maximizing the value of information collected at each stage of the mining cycle.

Our goals are to:

  1. Expand capacity and visibility of UBC mining-related research on-campus and downtown
  2. Foster collaboration and engage new UBC research expertise
  3. Engage with the minerals industry to identify new and relevant areas of multi-disciplinary research
  4. Motivate and provide seed funding to new integrated and multi-disciplinary research across the full mine cycle in projects that attract direct industry financial support
  5. Provide advanced training across mineral systems and the mining life cycle
  6. Increase mining-related research capacity at UBC

For more information, email info@brimm.ubc.ca

To download and view our 2019 BRIMM presentation, click here.



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