Interview with Katrin Steinthorsdottir


Meet graduate student Katrin Steinthorsdottir! Katrin is an MSc student in the EOAS department here at UBC and is working with Director Greg Dipple on his carbon sequestration research.

Where are you from? Tell us a bit about it!

I’m from Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. Reykjavik is fairly small, but has a big art/music scene, surrounded by the ocean and mountains, windy and has pretty dark winter months (but there is midnight sun in the summer). However, I moved around while growing up and have been living in Scotland, Malta, US, Switzerland and Mexico before coming to Vancouver.

Tell us about your current research project?

Currently I’m working on a deposit in central BC, it’s hosted in altered ultramafic rocks that are part of an ophiolite. I’m looking into serpentinization and the formation controls on a nickel ore mineral, awaruite, and a mineral that sequesters well with carbon dioxide, brucite.

What is your favourite aspect of your work/research?

My favourite part is the thought that this work could help in making carbon neutral or carbon negative mines. What’s also really great is the multidisciplinary work with other students, the BC Geological Survey (BCGS) and the mining industry.

Where do you see it going next?

Ultramafic rocks are scattered all over the world, they differ in geological processes and alterations so there’s a lot of work that can be done to fully understand their carbon sequestration potential.

Tell us about your hobbies/interests?

In my free time I try to go hiking as much as possible and do fun things with friends such as potlucks, chill on the beach, board games, bake goodies and etc.


Thanks Katrin!

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