May 13, 2024 : Accelerating Mining Technology Integration with Adaptive Skills Training

Join us for breakfast on May 13th! Together with CTEM (Centre of Training Excellence in Mining) and the MICA Network (Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator), BRIMM is pleased to host this event: “Accelerating Mining Technology Integration with Adaptive Skills Training“.

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BRIMM is excited to partner with the Centre of Training Excellence in Mining (CTEM) and the Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator (MICA network) to deliver a breakfast event: 

Accelerating Mine Technology Integration with Adaptive Skills Training

###UPDATE This event shares diverse perspectives on decarbonization in mining as options for paths forward, as well as myths that may be holding us back. It also highlights the growing potential for collaborative partnerships to tackle these complex challenges, as people, organizations, and society navigate towards shared sustainability goals.

Presenters with experience across a spectrum spanning research to applied solutions will be featured. The focus will be on research trajectories, cutting-edge technologies, strategies of hard to abate emissions, and the role of ecosystem supports.###

A series of 10 minute presentations from experts with diverse experience will be followed by a panel discussion about options for better and faster ways to move forward together.###UPDATE

The breakfast is on May 13th, 2024 8:00 am – 10:30pm PDT 

We look forward to you joining us for this conversation.


Welcome & Land Acknowledgement –  Jill Tsolinas, Executive Director of CTEM 

Industry Perspective – Keerit Jutla, President and CEO, AME

Technology Perspective – Chamirai Nyabeze, Director MICA Network

EAGLE Showcase Speakers

Drone Technology & Training

Dylan L
Dylan Lefebvre

Dylan Lefebvre – Allnorth, Reality Capture Group Lead

Dylan LeFebvre is an innovator in the application of reality capture technologies and team leader at Allnorth. He has over 17 years of experience working with 3D laser scanning data, mechanical and piping design and general problem-solving using reality capture technologies. Currently, Dylan leads the team of reality capture specialists at Allnorth. The reality capture team is comprised of individuals with backgrounds in survey and geomatics, mechanical and civil design. The reality capture team supports and executes projects related to 3D laser scanning, UAV (drone) data collection and survey and geomatics integration with these projects.

Therese Hagen – Two Eyed Seeing Consulting, Co-Owner

Therese Hagen headshot
Therese Hagen

Therese Hagen is co-owner of Two Eyed Seeing Consulting, a majority Indigenous-owned C3 – or community contribution corporation.

Two Eyed Seeing is a term which originates from Mi’kmaw Elder Albert Marshall, who describes it as the ability: “To see from one eye with the strengths of Indigenous ways of knowing, and to see from the other eye with the strengths of Western ways of knowing, and to use both of these eyes together”. 

The company specializes in bringing both worldviews to the work they do, directly with and for First Nations communities, along with their partners – including government, industry and training and service providers. Current projects include: the facilitation of a provincewide Two Eyed Seeing Network that brings together Indigenous youth and service providers, industry partners and education and training institutions, to support Indigenous participation in the high-demand jobs of the future.

Battery Electric Vehicle Technology & Training

Shawn Samuels
Shawn Samuels

Shawn Samuels – EPIROC, Business Line Manager Electrification Solutions

Shawn Samuels has been a valued member of Epiroc Canada’s Parts & Service Division for over 14 years. Starting his career as a Service Shop Manager, Shawn eventually moved into a Product Sales Manager Contracts role and then transitioned to Service Operations Manager.

 Currently, as electrification and battery technology continues to advance, Shawn utilizes his knowledge and experience to support customers as they transform their operations to zero emission. In his previous position as Product Manager Rocvolt Canada, Shawn played an important role in developing Epiroc’s BEV portfolio and supporting battery electric implementation on site. With his impressive resume, Shawn was selected to become Business Line Manager Rocvolt and was then promoted to Business Line Manager Epiroc Electrification Solutions Canada – a position he currently holds.

With Shawn in this management role, Epiroc’s Canadian operations have celebrated numerous milestones in battery technology and service deals that ultimately benefit productivity for customers.

Mike Commito – Cambrian College, Director of Applied Research

Mike Commito is the Director of Research & Innovation at Cambrian College. In 2019, he and Cambrian established the Centre for Smart Mining, a specialized research hub focused on facilitating technology adoption and upskilling in the mining industry across Canada. Outside of his work at Cambrian, Mike is the author of the Hockey 365 series on Dundurn Press. His latest book is Leafs 365 and he has a book about the Montreal Canadiens that will be released in October.

Robotic and Remote Operating Technology & Training

Copperstone Technologies – Jamie Yuen, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

Jamie Yuen is the CEO and founding partner of Copperstone Technologies, a manufacturer of autonomous robotic rovers for tailings and other harsh environments. He obtained his M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alberta, where he was involved in drone, remote sensing, and robotics product development, including commercialization of robotic technologies for several major industrial clients. As a partner in Copperstone he has been involved in all aspects of the business, from mechatronics engineering and manufacturing to field operations and client relations

Lynda Smithard – McCue Engineering, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Owner

Lynda Smithard, P.Eng., is a Professional Environmental Engineer with over 28 years experience. She is an industry leader in both the Mining and Environment industries as a cleantech provider.

Lynda spent 12 years in engineering consulting where she focused on brownfield remediation and water treatment and it took her to locations across North America. She joined McCue Engineering Contractors in 2008 as an owner and is leading the engineering team at McCue.  She led the engineering team in the development of PANAQUA Water & Wastewater Systems for mining and TIPs for Water Treatment, a training program to create meaningful jobs in the mining industry and transferrable skills for Indigenous workers.

Lynda brings broad experience as an employer, from her work experience, and from her volunteer work with Engineers and Geoscientists British Columbia (EGBC) as a Competency Assessor.   Lynda is passionate about careers and diversity in STEM fields, and is a member of the EGBC’s EDI and Truth & Reconciliation Working Group.  She is also a competitor and advocate of Women’s road cycling. 

RAVEN Circle Discussants

Lana Eagle – Lana Eagle Consulting, Indigenous Strategist

Peter Bradshaw – Chairman, FPX Nickel

Chih-Ting Lo – Founder and Principal, EELO Solutions

John Steen – Director, UBC BRIMM

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