BRIMM101 – Executive Microcertificate in Economic Leadership for Mining


Welcome to BRIMM101, the first course in our new Executive Microcertificate in Economic Leadership for Mining program from the BRIMM institute at UBC. The program will look at mining finance along the mining value chain with the overarching themes of breaking down silos between different industry groups, value-based decision making and the economics of sustainability.

So what does the program look like? It is a 13-course program where you can mix and match to select the 7 courses you want to get your specialized UBC Microcertificate. If you want to fund my son’s braces, you can take all 13 courses.

If you are looking for dry content, you can use to replace your sleeping pills, that other executive economics/finance-focused programs have, please don’t take this program. We are going to make learning about business and mining fun.

The cost is discounted for all non-Canadians; the whole program is $895 CDN per course for 7 courses if you get it done before the COVID crisis is over.

BRIMM101 starts on December 1st with classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays (at 4 PM PST) until the 15th. Video recordings are also provided if you can’t make the class.

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