Enhanced Mineral Weather Webinar

Update: In case you missed here, check out the youtube link here.


BRIMM Director will be participating in the Enhanced Mineral Webinar by the Institute for Carbon Renewal Law and Policy on March 24th, 8:45 am PDT.

“In this webinar, Wil Burns, Co-Director of the Institute for Carbon Removal Law & Policy; Phil Renforth, Heriot Watt University; David Keller, GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research; and Gregory Dipple, University of British Columbia will discuss the ins and outs of Enhanced Mineral Weathering. This webinar is part of a series explaining various carbon removal approaches.

Registration closes at 11:59 pm EDT on March 23st. Details to access the webinar room will be sent to registered participant shortly before the webinar is held. All webinars are archived here on the Institute’s website as well as on the Institute’s YouTube channel about a week after the webinar is conducted. An announcement will be posted on the Institute’s Facebook and Twitter when the recording becomes available.

For questions about this webinar or the Institute’s other activities, please email Annelise Straw at annelise@ceassessment.org”




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