May 23, 2024: Theme Launch Webinar: Natural Capital and Biodiversity

BRIMM is excited to announce the launch of our next theme Natural Capital and Biodiversity, led by Dr. Greg Paradis. We’ll be kicking off the launch with a webinar on May 23rd at noon (PDT). Register here.

The Natural Capital and Biodiversity theme is an innovative initiative focused on enhancing sustainability within the resource industry by integrating mining and forestry sectors. The research program aims to optimize the management of natural resources by facilitating coordinated decision-making and streamlining material flows between these two critical industries. Through a collaborative approach, it seeks to minimize environmental impacts while maximizing the conservation of biodiversity. By developing and implementing sustainable practices, the program strives to create a balance between resource extraction and ecological preservation, ensuring long-term viability and fostering responsible stewardship of natural capital.

23 May webinar image
23 May webinar image

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