Mining Microbiome Theme update

The Mining Microbiome theme continues to develop new collaborative research projects and has almost completed the set up of their theme lab space. This lab is designed to serve as a communal group space to promote cross-theme research collaboration. They have been awarded UBC Academic Equipment Funds to help develop this project and it should be operational in the next few months. We look forward to hearing about the exciting projects that come out of this new lab.

Theme Leader, Dr. Sue Baldwin, and her team have discovered new bacterial species capable of reducing selenium and nitrate simultaneously. Read more about this project here.

Other recent publications:

  1. Mirazimi, M., Fan, J., Liu, W.*, 2021. Kinetics of arsenic and sulfur release from amorphous arsenic trisulfide. Hydrometallurgy 200, 105555.
  2. Mirazimi, M., Liu, W.*, 2020. Aqueous arsenic and sulfur speciation analysis and solid phase characterization in the dissolution of arsenic trisulfide. Hydrometallurgy 199, 105545.
  3. Winarko, R., Dreisinger, D.B., Miura, A., Tokoro, C., Liu, W.*, 2020. Kinetic modelling of chalcopyrite leaching assisted by iodine in ferric sulfate media. Hydrometallurgy 197, 105481.