headshot Ben Collins

Ben Collins

Researcher - Post Doctoral

Department: School of Public Policy and Global Affairs in the Faculty of Arts

Ben Collins is a Senior Technical Consultant with Fuse Advisors Inc. and a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the School of Public Policy and Global Affairs. His research focuses on mine-water optimization, mineral economics, ecological economics, and multiple-criteria decision making.

Ben obtained his PhD from McGill University where he developed multiple-criteria based methods using game theory. He applied these methods for several complex scenarios in the mining industry such as impact and benefit agreement negotiations and mine closure design strategy. Ben also has a strong technical and research background in mine closure, reclamation, and land use planning. He has led several international research studies and consulting projects in those fields.

At Fuse Advisors, he works with clients to strategically develop large capital projects using multiple-criteria decision making techniques. His work consists of analyzing and managing complex sustainability and commercial risks throughout the mine lifecycle. In this role, he is especially passionate about finding collaborative solutions to the environmental challenges seen by mining projects and their communities.

In his spare time, Ben enjoys writing and playing music, cooking, and enjoying many of the outdoor activities Vancouver has to offer.