Hiroki Fukada Profile photo

Hiroki Fukuda

Researcher - PhD Candidate

Department: Civil Engineering - Environmental Systems

Hiroki Fukuda is a PhD candidate in Dr. Jongho Lee’s group in Environmental Systems Engineering at The University of British Columbia. He completed his B.Eng. in Resources and Environmental Engineering at Waseda University in Tokyo (2017) and M.A.Sc. in Materials Engineering at UBC (2019).

His research interest is in separation technologies for environmental, energy and resource problems. He has worked on wastewater treatment (e.g. acid mine drainage, boron removal from industrial wastewater) and resource recovery (e.g. lithium extraction from brine). He is now focusing on resource harvesting from wastewater using membrane technology.

In his free time, Hiroki likes listening to music, watching movies and YouTube, playing soccer, enjoying various foods, doing Judo, traveling and outdoor activities.