BRIMM Researcher Profile - Juliette Engelhart

Juliette Engelhart

Researcher - Post Doctoral

Department: Sauder School of Business - Operations & Logistics Research

Juliette Engelhart is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Sauder School of Business, Operations and Logistics division. Her research interest lies in the intersection of governance of inter-organizational relationships, technology and sustainability. Her current research project explores the governance of blockchain for supply chain transparency in the mining industry.

Juliette obtained her PhD in Supply Chain Management from the University of Bath (UK), where she used qualitative research methods to examine the use of governance mechanisms (i.e. trust and contractual agreements) in inter-organizational relationships over time. Juliette has a strong research background in the energy industry, focusing on the governance of mega-projects (projects exceeding $1bn spent). She has received several awards during her Ph.D including the award for Doctoral Excellence. She holds a master’s degree in Operations, Logistics and Supply Chain Management from the University of Bath (UK) and a double bachelor´s degree in Business Administration from the De Montfort University in Leicester (UK) and International Management from the University of Worms (Germany).

Juliette worked in the industry before starting her academic career. She obtained a certification in business administration in wholesale and foreign trade and worked in this role in the technology and retail industry for over 8 years, receiving many practitioner insights into the management of supply chains and operations management. Key to her roles was working with global strategic partners on digital supply chain implementations in the technology industry and managing foreign trade exchange between international businesses in the retail sector.