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Md Al Imran

Researcher - Post Doctoral

Department: Chemical and Biological Engineering

Md Al Imran is a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering. His research focuses on sustainable and nature inspired methods for mine tailings stabilization using biocementation technology. He is also working on biocement material as a way to reduce carbon emissions (CO2) in the concrete and mining industries and promote eco-friendly construction materials.

Md Imran obtained his PhD from Division of Sustainable Resources Engineering, Hokkaido University (Japan) where he worked on developing artificial beach-rock using biocementation technology. He also gained multidisciplinary research experiences covering soil and ground Improvement through Innovative biotechnology and applied science. He applied these methods on coastal erosion protection, dust control, slope stabilization and currently on mine tailings stabilization to ensure Environmental Sustainability.

Md Imran also has a strong technical and research background in mine closure, geo-environmental issues, applied microbiology, biocementation, CO2 capture, land use planning and stabilization. He has led and directed numerous global research investigations and consultancy initiatives in those areas. Also, he has extensive expertise in project management, collaborative research and development between academia and industry. He is strongly committed about finding collaborative sustainable solutions to the environmental challenges seen by mining, civil, and environmental companies and their communities.

Imran enjoys outdoor activities, playing badminton, reading and writing in his spare times. He can be reached at