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Quantifying the financial benefits of investing in improved metal recovery improvements within Canadian mines

Water Stewardship, Remediation, North America,

This Alliance project is a partnership with Eriez Flotation and Resourceful Paths to develop a modelling tool to improve technology upgrade investment decision-making for the mining industry. Mineral production represents an important sector for the Canadian economy, but is also associated with social and environmental impacts including significant consumption of water and energy. Technologies to increase metal recovery play an important role in reducing the overall water and energy consumption per tonne of product. Although the benefits of such technologies have been well documented in academic literature, there is an overwhelming emphasis on engineering indicators and the associated financial gains are rarely quantified. This project overcomes this gap by developing coupled engineering-financial models which aim to empower site decision makers with an understanding of the financial savings that can accrue due to investment in new technologies. This project has a specific focus on technologies aimed at increasing mineral recovery.

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