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Selenium Treatment at Mine Sites

Mining Microbiome, Closure, Remediation, North America,

BRIMM Researcher Sue Baldwin and her group have been working with Teck and Genome BC to develop method to treat selenium at mine sites using naturally occurring microbes. The project aims determine which microbes can make selenium treatment more efficient and the conditions that could help optimize them.

Selenium can be released through mining and enter the water supply, posing heath risks to humans and native wildlife. This project’s goal is to treat the selenium in the water and to remove this health risk.

Selenium Project featured in CIM Magazine

BRIMM Researcher Sue Baldwin’s project with Teck and Genome BC to try to reduce selenium in mine tailings by using microbes in water treatment was featured in CIM Magazine – Genome BC and Teck partner with UBC for $400,000 selenium research project. Read the article here.

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